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Bill Poole

"Bill Poole Products is the oil industries best friend when it comes to needing the right tools for the job. Founded in 1979 by Bill Poole, together with a dedicated team has become a premier provider to the oil & gas industry on a global scale."


What is a Multi-Line Field Sales Company (manufactures' sales agency/rep)?

Manufactures' agents are long-term independent marketing partners who grow with their principals and maintain a steady presence in a territory. More than just sell products, agents provide many extra services that add value to the partnership. Some warehouse, some provide engineering consulting services; others offer installation and maintenance services. The foundation of the agent-manufacture relationship is a written contract which specifies such issues as territory to be covered, commission rate, computation and payment of commissions, representative relationship and conduct of business, term of agreement, termination, etc.

Why sell through professional Multi-Line Field Sales Companies?

1. Predictable Sales Cost That Go Up And Down With Sales
2. Lower Cost Of Sales
3. Increased Sales
4. Immediate Access To The Market
5. Free Consulting Service
6. Cost Of Training And Turnover In Sales Personnel Is Eliminated
7. Highly Experienced, More Aggressive Sales Force
8. Sales Force Is Equal Or Superior To A Direct Sale Force
9. Broader Sales Context For Your Product
10. Provide marketing Flexibility At Less Cost
11. Creates A System Approach To Selling
12. Every Call Is A Relationship Call For Your Company
13. Multi-faceted, Multi-skilled Sales Team
14. Better Market Intelligence
15. Risk-free Exploration Of New Market Niches
16. Vested Partner In Manufacturer's Success

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